Thesis modelling simulation

OMT state diagram The object-modeling technique OMT is an object modeling approach for software modeling and designing. It was developed around by RumbaughBlaha, Premerlani, Eddy and Lorensen as a method to develop object-oriented systems and to support object-oriented programming.

Thesis modelling simulation

Kobus has an excellent track record of success spanning over 20 years from the early days of his career to becoming Chief Process Engineer of research in a major multinational oil company, SASOL. Kobus has a B. Significant experience is referenced as the lead technical professional for major multidisciplinary investigations into industrial static and rotating equipment design, development, manufacturing, commissioning, and failure assessments.

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Kobus has extensive experience in computer aided applications as a simulation analyst, which include: Deliverables included Thesis modelling simulation of proprietary tools and methods for performing analysis on cooling systems, cost engineering, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, filtration and gas distribution systems.

Two US patents for static and rotating equipment designs were assigned. Before coming to KnightHawk Engineering, Kobus spent 18 years at Sasol Technology, South Africa, where he achieved the position of Chief Engineer, receiving two innovation Project-of-the-year company awards for his work.

At Sasol, his group specialized in development of the next generation Sasol Slurry Phase Reactor for its Gas to Liquids projects, failure analysis, code and regulatory compliance, heat transfer, pipe stress, troubleshooting, and field support involving petrochemical facilities.

Sri has over 9 years experiences in design and analysis on static and rotating equipment using simulation tools such as piping analysis, PV Elite and Finite Element Analysis FEA software. Carroll Chet Stroh is a Sr. Mechanical Consultant with KnightHawk Engineering.

He has over 40 years experience in design, maintenance, troubleshooting and failure analysis of rotating equipment. Chet held that position for 6 years. While with Turbo Care, Chet performed stress and deformation analysis, developed analysis tools, performed rotordynamic and fluid film bearing simulations using numerical modeling tools and provided engineering design and troubleshooting support.

Prior to Turbo Care, Chet worked for E. DuPont in Beaumont TX and Wilmington Delaware where he was first a rotating equipment consultant in the plant and then a consultant's consultant at the corporate level.

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Chet started his career at Westinghouse, where he was a design engineer in the rotors and blades group for large steam turbines.

Chet has authored and coauthored several papers on rotordynamic behavior. He is a Professional Engineer with over 19 years of experience.

Thesis modelling simulation

Erik also serves as a technical lead for major multidiscipline investigations into industrial static and rotating equipment problems and failures. Erik has received five US patents for specialized static equipment connections.

Thesis modelling simulation

Erik directed the design, analysis and testing of mechanical connections, requiring extensive use of numerical analysis techniques including linear, elastic-plastic and limit-load to find static, dynamic and thermal solutions.

Erik also led product development ,design and business development in domestic and international markets.

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Besides his corporate responsibilities as President, Cliff is also Chief Engineer. Cliff specializes in design, failure analysis and troubleshooting in static and rotating equipment.

While with KnightHawk, Cliff has developed proprietary tools and methods for performing analysis on pelletizing dies, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and centrifugal compressors. Cliff holds four patents related to this work.

Mechanical Engineering Specialist and Group Leader.Purdue University Purdue e-Pubs International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference School of Mechanical Engineering Modelling And Simulation Of Refrigeration.

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system dynamics modelling and simulation Assignment Information The assignment involves with system dynamics modelling and simulation, it needs to be completed by someone who has performed on the Vensim Project Model, and has conducted simulations, model validations, analysis and discussions project implications.

The assignment is base on the core concept of a dissertation thesis which . Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) provides a qualitative (and sometimes even quantitative) prediction of fluid flows by means of analyze strange looking simulation results and identify the source of troubles.

•New mathematical models (e.g., population balance equations for disperse. Modelling, simulation and control of a hydraulic crane Modellierung, Simulation und Steuerung eines hydraulischen Krans Modellera, simulera och styra av en hydraulisk kran. Acknowledgements Some parts of this thesis are based on previous works done in the MSDL (Modelling, Simulation, and Design Lab) at McGill University.

Modelling and Simulation of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle for Shell Eco-marathon and an Electric Go-kart EMMA GRUNDITZ EMMA JANSSON Master of Science Thesis in Electric Power Engineering.

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