Smart communications analysis

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Smart communications analysis

According to Business Dictionary, a Smart City is defined as a developed urban area that creates sustainable economic development and high quality of life by excelling in multiple key areas; economy, mobility, environment, people, living, and government.

Kigali, in Rwanda, and Nairobi, in Kenya, have been the focus of such initiatives in East Africa and according to experts, will see more movement towards this trend.

Such innovations could include developing an efficient transport Smart communications analysis that is guided by the use of data and technology. For instance, IBM has been piloting a system where it could map out the roads in Nairobi, fit them with CCTV cameras, and conduct an analysis of traffic trends.

Or it could take the form of smart metering.

Smart communications analysis

Kenya Power, for example, plans to offer home metres that could let consumers know which of their electronic devices is eating up the most fuel. Kenya Power also plans to have censors on its power lines, to automatically detect problems. During a recent event by IDC, Smart Cities and digital transformation were highlighted as key trends for the East African region for this year.

Onesmus Mbogo, country manager for IDC in East Africa said that even though many critics are sceptical about the idea, the government and the private sector are already pushing this development in the region. Government incentives for private participation According to IDC public private partnership is key in pushing these IT initiatives in Africa and it will form part of the trends in East Africa.

Smart Grid Communications Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2017 - 2025

It is now cheaper to call from one East African country to the next. Recently, the country was named as the home of the Smart City initiative in Africa, making it a model for duplication across the continent.

According to their Smart Rwanda master plan PDFthe country aims to cultivate public private partnerships. Legislation and innovation Having legislation for Smart City initiatives can help regulate the use of technology.

This will ensure that e-signatures can be accepted throughout industries and made admissible in court proceedings. Such a progressive laws, will help companies and businesses enable digital transformation and smoothen business processes. Having a master plan for ICT investments by various government ICT arms can help to chart a way forward in terms of legislation, to ensure appropriate use of technology.

One of pillar of the Kenya ICT master plan is to provide e-government services. Taking note of threats In December last year, the Central Bank of Kenya, issued a statement [PDF] saying that it does not support the operation of Bitcoins in the country.

According to the regulator, Bitcoin is not regulated and so can be a danger to those who trade in it. It is a given that technology has to operate within a certain realm of legislation, but limiting innovation through government bureaucracy could also curtail the innovation being encouraged.

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Technology is well known to be disruptive. What governments in Africa need to do is to form a common bond with some of the innovation hubs and proactively give their input on the ideas being created.

Smart communications analysis

Inthe Kenyan transport e-payments plan did not succeed due to lack of education. This meant there was little uptake by either passengers or transport operators. The National Transport and Safety Authority did not get it right the first time while pushing the e-payment system.

Those plans are now gathering dust with no sign of implementation. Technology offers a big opportunity to change the way we live in cities and in due time throughout the country and the continent.

However, public and private sector partnerships combined and an open mind to change, might be the real key to rapid development.Smart Cities - Infrastructure, Information, and Communications Technologies for Energy, Transportation, Buildings, and Government: City and Supplier Profiles, Market Analysis.

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How to Cite. Momoh, J. () Smart Grid Communications and Measurement Technology, in Smart Grid: Fundamentals of Design and Analysis, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. AI analysis of communications throughput variation over the past one minute.

Constructs a prediction model in real time and makes a prediction of future communications throughput variation from proportional spread. In this paper, we propose a new fine-grained data analysis (hereafter referred to as FGDA) scheme for privacy preserving smart grid communications.

FGDA is designed to compute multifunctional data analysis (such as average, variance, and skewness) based on users’ ciphertexts, as well as supporting fault tolerance feature.

Smart grid which is modern concept in order to ensure proper grid quality and efficiency in schedule and dispatch of power.

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