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The zoo laid out their plan, the basic components of which are already in place.

Riverbank zoo

While some people might Riverbank zoo think that saving giant salamanders is an important cause, the hellbenders are an indicator species, which means they help indicate the state of their ecosystem.

Hellbenders actually absorb oxygen directly out of the water through its skin and into its lungs.

Riverbank zoo

Because they are sensitive to pollution and sediment in the water, they are biological indicators of water quality. Because they face so many challenges and have a low chance of survival if they are left to hatch in the river on their own, we raise them from a young age until they are big enough to return to the river.

By doing this, we hope to reduce the chances of them being eaten by their many natural predators. One of our growing hellbenders Once the hellbenders are big enough usually around 4 years oldwe take them to the river and release them!

That means only one river in the entire state is clean enough for them to thrive in. Despite this, on November 1st three Zoo employees bundled up and made Riverbank zoo long drive south to help release hellbenders into the Blue River.

This day was years in the making, and was extra special as it marked the very first release ever done with eggs found in the Blue River. It was a motley group of people that arrived at the muddy riverbank to help with the release; some zoo keepers, several Purdue students, our veterinarian Dr.

Kami Fox, Dave Messmann, our resident hellbender expert, and myself, the Social Media Coordinator it was clear immediately that I was out of my element as we trudged through the mud down to the river and proceeded to wade into the thigh-deep cold river and I attempted to not drop the camera into the fast-moving current.

Nick Burgmeier, one of the Purdue hellbender experts and our fearless leader for the day, had the pleasure of being fully submerged in the river to place the salamanders in their new home. Everyone managed to get water into their waders, except Dave Messmann, who decided to forgo waders and just wear his clothes into the river, and we were all freezing and completely covered in mud.

But nobody was there for the glamour! We all did it for the common goal of helping the hellbenders. Kami releasing a hellbender! It demonstrates how we all need to work together as partners to save our native wildlife and habitats.

Next year, the hellbenders we have been raising will likely be ready for release, and we will be able to repeat the process with the salamanders we have been working with for over three years. There are a couple of subspecies of hellbenders we have Easternsbut all of them are suffering.

Employees like Dave have dedicated countless hours to ensure that our hellbenders are cared for properly so that one day we can rebuild a strong population in the wild.

Not everyone can go wade in a river and help release them like we did, but you can do something. Even though it was raining, it was still beautiful!

It takes a village for a successful hellbender release! They may be squirmy and slimy, but hellbenders are also cute!

Written by Sarah Dove.Western Lowland Gorillas have been a popular exhibit at the zoo since , but never before has a gorilla been bred or raised at the zoo. Macy, an year-old gorilla at Riverbanks, is changing that.

Grade 9 – Biomes Activity 2 Note to the Teacher The Toronto Zoo is an ideal location for the study of a variety of animals, their biomes, local. One of America's best zoos, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is home to more than 2, animals and one of the nation's most inspiring botanical gardens.

Riverbanks Zoo & Garden. Riverbanks is home to more than 2, magnificent and fascinating animals and one of the nation's most beautiful and inspiring botanical gardens.

Animals at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden enjoy the annual "Pumpkin Smash" on Nov. 5, , where the baboons, elephants, otters, bears and more enjoy smashing and eating the popular fall fruit.

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