Reflective essay positive psychology

You will examine the principles, underlying theory, research and historical antecedents of the science of happiness and positive psychology and distinguish between myth and fact for happiness and wellbeing factors based on research. This course is fully online, there are no face to face classes.

Reflective essay positive psychology

First, on a communal level, religion accords one with the companionship of those who share similar worldviews.

Positive Psychology Reflective Essay: Religion and Well-Being - Nur Farizah M Sedek

This mutual inclination towards each other alleviates anxiety and boosts physical and mental wellness. Additionally, religion does so due to the belief that the primary form of cordiality is fundamental with God.

Second, religion encourages one to act with prudence; he is more apt to choose ways of conduct that will not cause him harm. Third, it instils in the individual a directedness towards what is truly meaningful in his views on life, which deters one to become antagonistic with himself.

Reflection Papers | Positive Psychology

Fourth, religion advocates benevolence towards others, which inspires one towards selfless behaviours. Fifth, it grants the individual a special schema with which he may make sense of and navigate the adversities in life. Personal Reflection Reflecting upon this theory, I journeyed back to a time seven years ago when I accepted a religion that would essentially shape me into the person I am today.

Even though I came from a practising Muslim family, I did not feel particularly affiliated with the religion.

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This caused great distress between my parents and me because we did not share similar views of looking at the world.

However, since my early teens, I had been exploring mysticism, spirituality and different ideas of being, therefore my disposition towards otherworldliness was already forming. Having found myself newly uprooted in a completely foreign land the Czech RepublicI experienced an existential crisis that caused me to question my purpose in being here.

Coincidentally, the first people with whom I felt a genuine sense of friendship were a Muslim couple from Egypt and their two young children.

I attribute this to the four dimensions that a Muslim may aspire to achieve in this religion. The first dimension is that of relating to this world my conducts. Islam gives me a strong sense of direction with which to structure my life.

For me, performing the habitual practices, such as the daily prayers, fasting and reading the Quran, discipline me to a level of being responsible for myself and in my association with people and other creatures.

It has also expanded my social circle because it motivates me to seek out like-minded friends to do these activities with.

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The second dimension is that of my relationship with God my attitudes. This manifests in the beliefs that I hold, such as the oneness of God and the concepts of predestination and free will. Having my orientation towards God gives meaning to events in my life where I may not have the foresight to explain what is happening.

It also allows me to be comfortable in the juxtaposition of completely surrendering to the will of God, while at the same time still being of effect in this world. The third dimension is linked to going in depth using both actions and beliefs so that I may do the best of deeds.

This intermingling point, I believe, is where wisdom is cultivated.

Reflective essay positive psychology

I see this as going above what has been laid out in the six factors mentioned in the theory, in that it is essentially going beyond my self-defined ideas of good actions, mindsets and meaning as I construe it, but attributing it to seeking what is pleasurable to God.

The fourth dimension is a future orientation rooted in Islamic eschatology. For me, knowledge about the Last Day according to the Islamic perspective has broadened my understanding of the events that are happening in the world.

This anchors me to current state of affairs, which strives me towards contributing to something that is bigger than myself. Conclusion The understanding that religion influences well-being is a reality that I have internalised. In fact, it has been the catalyst in my pursuing a psychology degree so that I may use these insights to inspire myself and others to become a better version of ourselves.In conclusion, this essay made me realize that psychology is nothing but common sense.

Psychology can be used in everyday lifestyle. You can use psychology to get inspired toward whatever objectives you create for yourself.

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Dec 09,  · Reflection is the driving process behind this, by gathering 3 things each day, I trained my self to always look for the positive. Finally, I’ve learned Life isn’t fair and it doesn’t have to be. The psychology behind self-reflection and change Although we often think of "self focus" as a destructive force (e.g., the narcissist who only thinks of herself without concern for others), psychological research shows that it is a critical component of positive change in life.

In this essay I reflect on two contexts in which positive psychology applications I used by reflecting on them first as a coach helping a fellow student apply a coaching plan, and second as a recipient of a fellow student helping me implement my own coaching plan.

Positive Psychology Please follow this, The purpose of this essay is for the student to reflect on their psychological strengths and how these, and other possible strengths, could be further developed using positive psychology techniques.

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