Micromax s structure in india

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Micromax s structure in india

The investment in core industrial sector and infrastructure. The investment in these sectors attracted various construction and engineering companies to explore the business opportunities and contribute their expertise in these sectors.

Micromax s structure in india

Domain experts were required who could provide their core skill and competence in designing and building the core industry, dams, roads, buildings etc.

Over the years, as Micromax s structure in india Indian industry started maturing, the Indian consulting industry also started expanding, not only in terms of size, but also in terms of the service offerings.

The consulting industry has witnessed a considerable increase in the number of new comers in this field exploring all the industries. Over the period, specialist consulting advice was being sought by clients in India and this opened the opportunity for a number of specialist organizations to draw on their specialist knowledge base and resources to meet the demand for specialist consulting services.

The major strengths of Indian consulting organizations include professional competence, low cost structure, diverse capabilities, high adaptability and quick learning capability of Indian consultants. India has been globally recognized for its fast paced development.

Thus in the scenario, fuelled by increased demand for consultancy services by domestic and foreign firms, the sector in India is projected to grow at an annual rate of 30 per cent to become Rs 27, crore industry.

The consulting industry in India currently stands at Rs 19, crore. Rising opportunities due to a booming economy and growing demand for consultancy services are key factor for growth.

There would be over 2. The Largest concentration of consultancy organizations are in the four metropolitan cities: It also involves the development of detailed plan of action for improvement.

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For long, consultants have attracted significant criticism from large corporate houses as well as management scholars. Management consultants are mainly criticised for stating the obvious, overuse of buzzwords and failure to develop plans that are executable by the client.

In India Management consulting is estimated to be a Rs. The Indian management consulting industry is diverse, consisting of a wide variety of organizations, including global strategy firms, consulting arms of technology firms such as IBM and Accenture and the big-four accounting firms such as PwC and KPMGand a host of niche consulting firms including Universal Consulting, Avalon Consulting, and Oliver Wyman.

Indian clients, despite being value conscious, were willing to engage a variety of consulting firms to address specific concerns. It is not unlikely that multiple consulting firms could be working at the same time with a single client, engaged in different facets of the business.

For instance, Deloitte Consulting considers India as a long-term play, where the key to success is to provide value innovation, leveraging their investments in big data and analytics Das, Over the past few years, the Indian management consulting industry has witnessed three major trends: Historically, the Indian consulting industry was dominated by a demand for basic services such as market research, supply chain optimization, information technology implementation, and financial restructuring including equity and debt funding.

However, as the Indian economy opened up to foreign competition and with Indian corporations venturing into international markets, with deregulation, and the rise of the value-conscious middle- and lower-income customers also known as the bottom-of-pyramid or BOP marketsfirms have begun to realize the opportunity cost to the firm because of poor strategy.

Therefore, the demand for high-end strategy consulting has begun attracting global strategy consulting firms to India.

The second trend in the Indian management consulting industry is the increasing segmentation of the industry.

Micromax s structure in india

The MNC strategy-consulting firms offer their services in the domains of strategy and corporate restructuring, based on extensive global experience of similar projects. Most MNC consulting firms are active in India either through dedicated offices or through designated representatives. These MNC consulting firms claim to bring global best practices, leveraging their diverse client-base and equally diverse consultants and resources.

On the other hand, niche management consulting firms focus on either a specific domain say infrastructure or a class of problems say innovation. Such niche firms leverage their depth of expertise and typically work very closely with their clients, often for extended periods of time.

He has developed successful innovation pipelines across a wide array of industries including financial services, consumer electronics, technology and retail. The views expressed are his own based upon the analysis and research he did on the topic from various books, reports and web articles.

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