Lufthansa taking mobile computing to the skies while keeping the mobile workforce connected

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Lufthansa taking mobile computing to the skies while keeping the mobile workforce connected

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Explain and provide some examples. Provide a mobile workforce with equipment that fits their needs while it does not get in the way of accomplishing their objectives not only technical specifications, but also upgrades and updates, stability, etc Distribute training and other non-directly value-adding activities during non-productive periods both to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime Provide adequate support to mobile operations while keeping a tight lid on cost and being able to justify the investment 2.

Lufthansa taking mobile computing to the skies while keeping the mobile workforce connected

What other tangible and intangible benefits, beyond those identified by Lufthansa, might a mobile workforce enjoy as a result of deploying mobile technologies?

Increased, all-around, communication, both with the organization and with personal relationships family, friends, etc.

Especially important for a highly mobile workforce such as airline pilots. Additional benefits could include: Measuring the response to a new offer or destination by reviewing both the amount and timing relative to the announcement of calls inquiring about it.

Providing data to support new initiatives, either to solve issues being currently presented or to justify new investments. Lufthansa was clearly taking a big risk with their decision to deploy notebook computers to their pilots.

Steps taken to manage the risk: Ensured that technical specifications for the equipment were acceptable to both pilots and the union, given the very special work environment they would be used in.

Increased the chances of user buy-in by providing convenient alternatives to traditionally cumbersome tasks such as carrying manuals and technical documents around Standardized on a unique hardware and software platform to reduce support and upgrade costs Structured the process in phases, pilot and general deployment, to both assess feasibility and obtain feedback before mass implementation Posted by.“Mobile satellite broadband technology is ideal for government, military, and emergency communications, particularly in countries with limited terrestrial infrastructure,” said Matthew Mohebbi, vice president and general manager of Mobile Satellite Systems at Hughes.

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Are many of lufthansa’s challenges identified in the case similar to those being experienced by other businesses in today’s global economy? By iJazwahid RWC 2: Lufthansa: Taking Mobile Computing to the Skies While Keeping the Mobile Workforce Connected 1.

Are many of Lufthansa’s challenges identifies in the case . The workforce is changing as businesses become global and technology erodes geographical and physical organizations are critical to enabling this transition and can utilize next-generation tools and strategies to provide world-class support regardless of location, platform or device.

Lufthansa taking mobile computing to the skies while keeping the mobile workforce connected

Service console and tools for mobile workforce. The sky is the limit as AirAsia overhauls its customer support for a new generation About Us Corporate while mobile apps give team members the flexibility to check accounts and sign contracts on the road.

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