Internship project report sample

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Internship project report sample

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Internship project report sample

I have chosen Sonali Bank Limited because it is the largest financial organization in Bangladesh, it has a great financial influence over the country, it provides the major portion of funding to some income generating and economic development projects namely, Poverty alleviation, Credit program, and Agro-based Industry Credit programs in the rural areas, it has a large participation in foreign exchange business and off-balance sheet activities.

This is the new invention of Sonali Bank Limited to process and credit the foreign remittance within hours to the beneficiary accounts. The main source of data is annual reports issued by Sonali Bank, other sources are website annual conference report All this information was basically secondary data.

This study is divided into several sections.

Internship project report sample

In the first section, it is the introductory part, namely Statement of the problem, Objectives of the study, Research methodology, Limitation and Coverage of the study. In the second section, the background of the Sonali Bank Limited has stated briefly and the organization set up in the bank.

The next couple of sections deals with general banking, advance and foreign exchange sections, remittance management system and evaluate the performance of these sections and identify some problems and give some suggestions to overcome the problems.

The last chapter deals with SWOT analysis, conclusion and some recommendation to overcome the problems and reaching a new level of service in the financial sector of Bangladesh.Sample Internship Descriptions.

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