Critical reading and writing a bedford spotlight rhetorical analysis

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Critical reading and writing a bedford spotlight rhetorical analysis

Hannah Soblo is an M. Her research focuses on second language writing, identity, and writing program administration. His work is situated at the interface of Composition Studies and Applied Linguistics, with research areas including L2 writing program administration, genre and discourse studies, and L2 writing transfer.

The Composition Office recently interviewed them to find out more about their experiences teaching L2 students. You two are teaching special sections of English that are cross-listed with English Can you tell us about that experience so far?

What is the course like? What do you theme the course around, and why did you choose this particular topic? These sections enroll equal numbers of students previously enrolled in English and English However, each course is still unique; in one of my classes, I have a fairly even split of native U.

So far, I have found teaching these courses both challenging and rewarding. As a relatively new teacher and first-time L2 writing teacher, it has been challenging to pace the course correctly for both populations.

However, it has been extremely rewarding to see my students interact during group work and to read their response posts as they learn more about other cultures and how to interact in multicultural settings. I think much of this learning is attributable to the course theme, which for me is Inquiry into Cross-cultural Identities.

These researchers recommended that composition courses enrolling diverse student populations should emphasize linguistic and cultural differences in order to allow students opportunities to interact with one another to learn about these differences, explore topics related to their own and other cultures and languages, and reflect on their growth in terms of cross-cultural communication skills and awareness over the course of the semester.

Both units have encouraged students to research cultures that they either identify with or would like to identify with in the future. The broad theme of my course is cross-cultural communication, which seeks to enable students from across linguistic and disciplinary backgrounds to both analyze and investigate the ways that discourse and genres are adapted across cultural and academic contexts.

In my class, we begin with a secondary source paper that allows students to explore and critique the ways that genres are constructed in different disciplines.

Toward the beginning of the semester, I quickly learned that the majority of my students are microbiology majors, most of whom are more interested in considering genres in their majors than those in their home cultures.

In consequence, we have juxtaposed common genres in microbiology journal articles, lab reports, public service announcements, etc.

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My students have been surprisingly excited to conduct such research, eager to practice applying generic knowledge to writing in their own majors. We are now beginning the qualitative unit, where students will move from analyzing and critiquing genres to actually investigating them.

I allowed my students to obtain letters from high school teachers in communities in which they have lived, in English or another language. In this unit, students will code for specific language features hedges, appeals to pathos, boosters, self-referrals that appear in these letters.

In addition to textual analysis, they will have the opportunity to ask recommenders why they made those specific linguistic choices, opening the question as to how authors from different disciplinary, geographical, and linguistic contexts promote their students through this genre.

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With the partnership of the wonderful International Studies Librarian, Allison Sharp, we will then, as a class, assemble both these letters and historical examples of letters of recommendation to create our own genre map, affording students the opportunity to create an archive in addition to analyzing archival texts.

Having taught both L1 and L2 students now, do you have any advice for new teachers in planning and teaching classes with a variety of students in their classroom? What are some ways teachers can avoid miscommunications and make their classroom environment more welcoming for all their students?

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medical university of south carolina research medical university of south carolina company review. Critical Reading and Writing: A Bedford Spotlight Rhetoric helps students with key writing skills. It provides advice on how to read thoughtfully and analytically, with instruction on active reading and note-taking, plus help with analyzing visual and multimodal texts.

critical reading and writing a bedford spotlight rhetorical analysis

These are the three skills that often accompany academic-based work; therefore, for ICaP’s assessment purposes we are looking at these skill holistically (see ICaP outcome three: “Critically think about writing and rhetoric through reading, analysis, and reflection”).

Hannah Soblo and Joe Wilson, both teachers of our cross-listed / courses, speak about their successful teaching practices. Hannah Soblo is an M.A. student with a concentration in Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics and is her final semester of research focuses on second language writing, identity, and writing program administration.

The Ohio Field Schools course provides an introduction to ethnographic field methods (participant-observation, writing field notes, photographic documentation, audio-interviewing), archiving and the public exhibition of research for both undergraduates and graduate students.

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Georgia State University Tuesdays and Thursdays 2: Intensive study and practice in writing processes, from invention and researching to drafting, revising, and editing, both individually and collaboratively.
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