Boston marathon the bombing incident

Tamerlan Tsarnaev deceased Release of suspect photos[ edit ] Jeff Bauman was immediately adjacent to one of the bombs and lost both legs; he wrote while in the hospital:

Boston marathon the bombing incident

More than 26, runners register.

The Boston Marathon bombing: Lessons learned through research

Beforethere were hundreds or more of unofficial runners called bandits. Approximatelyspectators line the In addition to the marathon, the Boston Red Sox play a home game. With these events and the state holiday, the city is bustling!

The marathon starts in Hopkinton, a rural New England town, and continues through another seven cities and towns, ending at Copley Square in Boston.

Mass Casualty Incident MCI Planning Extensive planning occurs for the annual Boston Marathon and the race a pre-planned event is used as an exercise to test and practice many plans.

While this case study focuses on MCI generally a functional annex in the EOPother plans and annexes are exercised during the annual marathon i.

Boston marathon the bombing incident

MCI are events with injuries that may exceed the normal response capability and have the potential to quickly exhaust resources. Happen with some level of frequency transportation accidents and severe weather events such as a tornado, shown below and Are unpredictable terrorist bombings and nuclear accidents MCI plans are designed to coordinate a systematic and effective medical response to treat the highest number of casualties with the resources available in order to minimize loss of life, disabling injuries, and human suffering.

Boston Marathon bombings

In other words, to do the greatest good for the greatest number. Effective MCI plans minimize duplication of effort and maximize coordination of resources including personnel, facilities, supplies, medicines, and equipment.

Review Medical Surge Capability for: Health Care Facilities According to US Department of Health and Human Services "Medical surge capacity refers to the ability to evaluate and care for a markedly increased volume of patients—one that challenges or exceeds normal operating capacity.

The surge requirements may extend beyond direct patient care to include such tasks as extensive laboratory studies or epidemiological investigations Thus, medical surge capacity is primarily about the systems and processes that influence specific asset quantity.explosions.

Boston marathon the bombing incident

The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) invested $, in Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) medical supplies and equipment.

These provisions, available on the special operations vehicles at the Marathon, were crucial in responding to . Formerly Titled "The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down" May 7, The Boston Marathon bombing incident produced an exceedingly bloody, gore-filled scene. Dave Lindorff May 2, Let’s do a little exercise.

Forget nationalities and identities for a moment. Imagine you are a police detective investigating a horrific bombing in your city — one in which several people were killed and hundreds were injured.

Update: I have since addressed Dave McGowan’s response to this post HERE WARNING: This Page Contains Graphic Images of Gore! In the immediate aftermath of the Boston Bombings when the mainstream media and alternative media alike were speculating about the causes, despite even the most basic of evidence yet to be collated and confirmed – I wrote an article entitled The Man With The .

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