Anthro 202


Anthro 202

This class was formerly known as Anthropology Language in Culture 3 credits A study of language as it relates to human culture and the transmission of culture.

Anthro 202

Genetic and typological variation in language; theories of linguistic universals and relativity. Consideration of social stratification, multidialectal and multilingual societies, selection of national languages. Culture and Health 3 credits This course is focused on anthropological approaches used to explore the dynamic relationship between culture and health.

Throughout the semester, students will also assess how certain cultural practices, Anthro 202 systems, and forms of political organization either prevent or contribute to the creation of a more sustainable world. Celebrating Culture through the Arts 3 credits This course will focus on community engagement with people of diverse ethnic groups utilizing anthropological approaches to visual art, music, and dance.

Students will examine how people of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds Anthro 202 through visual art, music and dance about issues such as gender, family, identity, tradition, historical consciousness, ideology, experience and more.

Students will engage in diverse settings utilizing ethnographic methods and participating in the local community. Topics in Anthropology credits A variable topics course covering a theme of current interest in anthropology.

Each time the course is offered, the topic and number of credit hours will be announced in the Schedule of Classes. May be repeated with different content.

Global Landscapes in Aging— This course will acquaint students with experiences of aging across cultures and will examine the intersection of local cultural beliefs and practices centered on aging with wider policies and global dynamics.

This cross-cultural analysis destabilizes and challenges stereotypes, helps build empathy, and critically examines our own beliefs and practices surrounding aging. Through this course, students will develop knowledge and skills concerning the fast-growing, global elder population.

Reading Theory 3 credits This is a mid-level theory course designed to prepare students to read and analyze theory in Anthropology. The topics and instructors are variable, however the goal is to understand theory, both in broad concept and in particular cases.

Race and Human Variation 3 credits This course explores what studies of human biological variation can tell us about the reality of race. We first deconstruct the concept of race, examining the history of race in the United States and how biology has been used to justify racial categories and oppression.

Then we examine what studies of modern human genetics and biology tell us about the biological validity of racial categories. We trace the evolutionary history of modern humans, from their origins in Africa to their spread to every corner of the globe.

Topics include genetic variation, skin color, height, and adaptation to altitude and disease. We then discuss the implication of this variation for the concept of race and how racial categories impact our lives in the United States covering issues such as genetic ancestry testing, IQ, racially-based medicine and persistent social inequalities.anthro Cultural Anthropology Comparative study of human societies and cultures of the world; cross-cultural investigation of social organization and political, economic, religious, and family systems.

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Find ANTHRO study guides, notes, and practice tests from. Anthro Intro to Biological Anthropology. 4 credits Physical anthropology is the study of the human biology and behavior in the framework of evolution. This course provides an introduction to the scientific approaches and methods used by physical anthropologists, including evolutionary theory and the mechanisms of heredity, the ecology and.

Anthro 202
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